NABTEB A Level Grades, Scores And Points

If you are about to sit for NABTEB A Level examination and you are wondering how much percentage you need to have to get A which literally stands for excellent, and B for very good etc. This our updates will try to give answer to this question.

Below is a detailed explanation of how points are computed in NABTEB A Level;

In fig 1.1; For a student that register for (3) Subjects with grade such as Physics (A); Chemistry (B); then Biology (C), the total number of points scored is calculated as follows; English is a general course in NABTEB A Level, so is not included.

Scores Grades Points
70% – 100% A 5 Points
60% – 69% B 4 Points
50% – 59% C 3 Points
45% – 49% D 2 Points
40% – 44% E 1 Point
39% and Below F 0 Point

fig 1.1

Subject Grade  
Physics A  
Chemistry B  
Biology C  
Total 12 Points

fig 1.2

Furthermore, many universities have stipulated minimum of passes (i.e. grades E) in two(2) subjects among the three(3) subjects on offer, you will realize that general performance in the examination rather suggests these universities admit students with higher grades. Hence, it is of utmost important that students concentrate their efforts to secure sufficient scores to grants higher chances of using NABTEB A Level result for admission in the NABTEB A Level affiliated universities

And if you have received your result, but you do not know how many points required for the choice of the course you want to study at your desired university, you are advised to go through NABTEB A Level cut off marks/ points for universities admission for all courses in Nigerian universities. After the completion of your examination, provided all other things being equal, the result should be released after three to fours weeks of the examination. Go through instructions to check your NABTEB A Level result.


There are four (4) categories of TRADE undertaken in NABTEB programme which are:

  • Technical /engineering/construction Candidates/trade
  • Business Candidates/trade
  • General Education study candidates/trade
  • Miscellaneous trades/candidates


The four (4) under listed subjects are made compulsory for Technical students (candidates)

  1. English Language (O01)
  2. Mathematics (002)
  3. Physics (004)
  4. Chemistry (O05)


While any of the following three (3) subjects are elective for them:

  1. Economics (O03);
  2. Literature-in-English (O07) and
  3. ICT – Information and Communications Technology (O08).


Candidates for the under listed Trades can offer Biology as a trade-related subject, but other technical candidates are not allowed to offer Biology. The trades are:


  1. Fisheries (20O)
  2. Cosmetology (31O)
  3. Animal Husbandry (18O)
  4. Catering Craft Practice (34O)
  5. Men’s Garment Making (32O)
  6. Ladies Garment Making (33O)


Note: Introduction to Building Construction (211) is a compulsory subject for candidates offering the under listed trades:-

  1. Carpentry and Joinery (22O),
  2. Painting and Decorating (25O),
  3. Plumbing and Pipefitting (26O),
  4. Draughtsman ship Craft Practice (27O).

There are three types of Entry Schedules, namely:

  1. EA 60: This is for registration of candidates offering Technical Trades.
  2. EA 61: This is for the registration of candidates offering Business Trades.
  3. EA 62: This is for the registration of candidates offering General Education Subjects only.

NOTE: The Entry Schedules are obtainable from NABTEB State Offices nationwide.


  1. State: (Space No.1): Indicate the State in which the examination is to be taken by candidate.
  2. Year:(Space No. 2): Indicate the year in which examination is to be taken by candidates.
  3. Date:(Space No. 3): Indicate the date the entry schedule was filled.
  4. Centre Code: (Space No. 4): Indicate the Centre code of the College/School.
  5. College Name:(Space No. 5): indicate the college name, address and telephone number.
  6. Numbering of Entry Schedules: (Space No. 6): Indicate the number of sheets used e.g.

If four sheets were used for registration, they should be numbered 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4 and 4 of 4.

  1. Candidate’s Examination Number:(Column 1) should be left blank until candidates’ examination numbers are ascertained from the internet. The numbers should later be filled into the column in line with those in the internet. On no account should the examination number on the entry schedule be different from the one assigned on the internet.
  2. Sex:(column 2) write “M” for male candidates and “F” for female candidates.
  3. Candidate’s Date of Birth:(column 3) the day, month and year of candidate’s birth should be represented by 2 digits each. For example, if a candidate’s date of birth is 20th June, 1994, this should be recorded as 20 under day, 06 under month and 94 under year.
  4. Candidate’s Names:(column 4) candidate’s names should be written in block letters as they are to appear on any certificate to be issued, starting with the first name followed by the middle name and surname last. One blank space should be left after each name. If the spaces are insufficient for a candidate’s names, the middle name should be appropriately abbreviated. The names should be arranged alphabetically, trade by trade.
  5. Trade Code (column 5):Enter the trade code of each candidate here. For candidates registering the same trade, a vertical arrow should be used to cover the first and the last candidates on the column.
  6. General Education (column 6):Mark “X” for the General Education Subject for each candidate here. For candidates offering the same subjects use a vertical arrow as described in 5 above.
  7. General Education (column 6 for EA 60 and EA 61):Mark “X” for the trade-related subject codes for technical and Business Candidates here. For candidates offering the same subjects use a vertical arrow as described in 5 above. Business candidates who wish to offer Biology should enter O06 in the General Education section of the entry schedule. Candidates’ offering technical trades in Catering Craft Practice (34O), Ladies Garment Making (33O), Men’s Garment Making (32O), Cosmetology (31O), Fisheries (20O) and Animal Husbandry (18O) should enter for Biology (O06) in the trade-related section of the entry schedule.
  8. Trade Group Courses (column 8 for EA 60): These are for technical candidates only. Write the codes of the course on the trade specified in column 5. For candidates offering the same subjects use a vertical arrow as described in 5 above.
    (Column 7 for EA 61): This is for business candidates only. Mark “X” for the business subject codes for each business candidates here.
  9. Elective Subjects (column 9 for EA 60 and EA 61): Business and Technical candidates who wish to offer any elective subjects as indicated in column 9, should Mark “X” against such subjects.
  10. Principal’s Name, Signature and Date:The name and signature of the school/college principal or his/her representative should be written and certified with the college official stamp to authenticate the entries in the appropriate spaces provided for record purpose.



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